HIPAA Enforcemnent Training for State Attorney General - United States Department of Health and Human Services

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Module 0: Course Introduction and Administration

Presenter: Susan McAndrew - Duration: 10:24. Watch Module

Module 1: State Attorneys General Enforcement of Federal Health Privacy Law

Presenter: Verne Rinker - Duration: 42:31. Watch Module

Module 2: HIPAA Privacy Fundamentals

Presenter: Iliana Peters - Duration: 108:42. Watch Module

Module 3: HIPAA Security Fundamentals

Presenter: David Holtzman - Duration: 50:36. Watch Module

Module 4: Effects of ARRAHITECH

Presenter: Iliana Peters - Duration: 21:55. Watch Module

Module 5: Federal Enforcement of HIPAA

Presenter: Verne Rinker - Duration: 37:34. Watch Module

Module 6: Investigating and Prosecuting Potential HIPAA Violations

Presenter: Louis Altarescu - Duration: 101:54. Watch Module

Module 7: HIPAA and State Law

Presenter: Louis Altarescu - Duration: 33:37. Watch Module

Module 8: HIPAA Enforcement Support and Resources

Presenter: Iliana Peters - Duration: 18:31. Watch Module